2021 League Rules

2021 League Rules

-Only College & Club Players Allowed

-All Players MUST Wear Issued 2021 Men’s Summer League Jersey.

-Players Without Jersey Will Serve 1-Minute Releasable Penalty to Start Game.

-Players Sneaking Into Game OR Borrowing Jersey will Either:
(1) Serve 2-Minute Non-Releasable Penalty OR (2) Will Be Removed From League.

-Teams Can Play Man-Down Without Forfeiting

-Teams Forfeit If Borrow Players OR Use Non-League Player.(Must have at least 9 players to play man-down without forfeiting)

-Teams Can Borrow Goalie without Forfeiting If Team Contacts League Director 24-Hours Prior To Game time.

-Parking on campus is not permitted. Mass Transit, Car Pooling and using Public Parking is your options.

-Must Use Bathroom Facilities Provided By School.

-No Fighting Allowed at any time ON or OFF The Field.

-No Alcohol/Drugs/Tobacco Allowed on Field, Stands, Or Parking Lots At Any time.

-Do Not Disrespect Players, Officials, Staff at any time.


  • Game Consists of Two 25-Minute Running Halves – Clock Stops Every Whistle Under 2:00 in 2nd Half.
  • Penalty Time Served In Full-Penalty Clock Stops Every Whistle.
  • One 30-Second Timeout in 2nd Half Only. No Timeouts Allowed In 1st Half.

(Timeout Can Only Be Called In Offensive Box OR Dead Ball).

  • Sudden Victory Overtime (OT). Only One 4-Minute Running Time OT Period. No Timeouts in OT.
  • Multiple 4-Minute Sudden Victory OT in PLAYOFFS ONLY .

MODIFIED NCAA RULES (Default To NCAA Rules When Rule Is In Question)

  • Only Four(4) Long Poles Allowed on Field.
  • 30 Seconds to Clear Ball into the offensive restraining box.
  • Winning Team MUST keep the Ball in Offensive Restraining Box with 2 Minutes left in 2nd Half


  • When Penalty flag is Down the Play is Whistled Dead once the team who committed foul has possession.
  • Diving Allowed-Player May Land In Crease After Goal Is Scored.
  • Player Does Not Have To Leave Field On Infraction Prior To Face-off.
  • No penalties after 3rd Face-off Violation

8-Goal Rule In Regular Season. (After 8 goal lead no face-off) No 8-Goal Rule in Playoffs.